Board Of Directors

We have a very exceptional and perspicacious board of directors which aid and support each decision the Company makes. The innovative founder an expert in the field of Real Estate, is making his reputable contribution to the company in providing his esteemed inputs to the board of directors of the company in visualizing the goals and formulations of policies towards achieving the agenda.
Mr. Abhishek Gupta, the Managing Director of Ecotech has conglomerated with the innovative founder to plan out the future projects of Ecotech which involve various villas, residential, serviced apartments, hospitality, industrial and institutions. He attained his MBA (Managerial finance and small business management) from Cardiff, Wales, UK and his certificate in financial markets from London School of Economics, London, UK. After 7 years of gaining experience and knowledge he is making his hefty contribution in driving Ecotech to rise and flourish. He believes in quality of the projects delivered and on his given word. Being a highly punctual man, once something is said, he will do everything in his power to fulfill the agenda.

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