Water Treatment Plant

Being conservative with water makes good sense, and appropriate treatment of wastewater, especially to transfer it for reuse, is now seen to be essential to the protection of the world’s fresh water resources; and of economic sense in the business world.
EcoTech provides a combination of mechanical, biological and chemical processes used to remove particles and suspended solids, organic pollution and nutrients from wastewater, together with sludge treatment which can become a source of energy via anaerobic digestion, or stabilized before disposal.

We are a full service manufacturing company of water filters used in different applications such as industrial, commercial and drinking etc. These industrial water filters are also designed to meet water and wastewater reuse standards. These industrial water filtration equipment comply with all types of industry standards. Our pre-engineered (readymade) and customized units cater requirements of wide consumer segments; no matter what volume (LPH or GPD) of water you need, we design, manufacture and install water filtration systems ranging from small, medium to large capacities and supply at competitive price with 100% performance satisfaction guarantee and environmental compliance.
Design, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of different types of industry. Domestic water treatment plants as per requirements, comprises of Water Softners, DM Plants, UV, RO, UF, Stand Filter, Carbon Filter, Dual Media Filters, Bag Filters etc.

In order to meet various needs and budget limitations, each water filtration system is available in a variety of designs and options. Flow rates, materials for construction, modes of operation (manual, automatic or semi-automatic) are some of the areas where discussion with consumer becomes necessary and product is supplied accordingly.